Can’t find disk

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The disk struggles to appear on the system is connected to. Sometimes it does sometimes it does not. Even when appears it’s extremely slow, to the point where I wasn’t even able to move all my data onto another device. It’s fair to say that when it pops up I can see all my files but again, I am not able to move them or copy them. The system to which the faulty disk is connected to gets really slows as well (desktop or laptop). When turned on it makes an almost imperceptible click sound every now and then, however it is safe to say that the device has never been dropped or took any considerably serious shock. I don’t care about the hard disk itself, I’m just extremely keen to get my data back.

My iPhone is in recovery mode and I don’t want to restore it as I don’t have a back-up – please help! I’ve provided my phone number but as my phone isn’t working I can’t take calls. Email would be fab! I work round the corner from your City branch if coming in would be easier.

This is a 2012 Mac book pro, where the Mac internal hard drive is damaged or faulty, Apple Store have said the data is most likely all gone, but they can’t do anything about it, but I have also have external wd element hard drive that has lost all the data I had backed most recently on, is there any chance you can either get data frkm MacBook hard drive or external element hard drive.

My hard drive only appears on my laptop sometimes but when I press on it it’s empty.

Require a donor drive. model st3000dm001, serial number begins with W1F, FW CC98, date code 12205, site WU

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